Hi, my name is Lee Howson and I am a graphic designer living in the UK. I have been a designer for over twenty years, much of it spent designing magazines. I have always loved print in all its many forms but magazines are my soft spot. I have witnessed huge changes within the print industry, initially I cut and pasted my design layouts today I work in design packages such as Indesign and Photoshop. Throughout all the changes in the last twenty years, the fundamental principles of design have stayed constant, typography and composition. Iā€™m often told that the importance of print has declined and the internet, usually via a phone, is king.  Well, print has never let me down, run out of charge or been dropped and broken. Print, like vinyl, is just getting better.

If you require my assistance I can navigate the complexities of the print production world, from; brochures, leaflets and adverts.